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Back from the dead April 27, 2008

Posted by Andy in Reflections on Ministry.
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It almosts feels like, as I write this sentence, this blog has been raised back to life again. To my embarrassment, I notice that the last entry I wrote was about Christmas Carols! Now that our new church website, www.hanburyhill.org.uk, has ‘gone live’ I thought I ought to try to give my blog a bit more tender, loving care.

I love reading and discovering more about the Christian faith.  I’ll try and include a worthy quote each week from something I’ve read. First of all, a quote from a sermon by a Canadian Professor of Theology called Victor Shepherd:

It’s obvious, isn’t it, that preaching which is devoid of passion isn’t gospel-preaching.  The announcement of the Good News isn’t like the broadcaster’s recitation of sports scores, amusing for those who are sports fans and insufferably boring for everyone else, when all the while the outcome of a game is only a trifle.  The announcement of the Good News means, among other things, that the time of excusability through ignorance is over.  Jesus Christ has been raised from the dead.  His resurrection vindicates him as the world’s sole saviour and lord and judge.  It’s time to get serious.