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John Sargent and collaborative prayer November 27, 2008

Posted by Andy in Recent Sermons.
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Greater love hath no one than he lay down his dancing career for his friends! The nation seems divided over whether he should still be in BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing – but I think he’s a great example for us when we think of what it means to pray:

However much we may have laughed at his ponderous shuffles or think he’s made a mockery of  foxtrot and the fact that he fails to do the samba properly because he’s a bit rotund – He was still integral to the performance. His partner, the sequin-gowned Russian Kristina Rihanoff would have looked very strange dancing with an invisible dance partner. As they danced together there was a real sense of interdependence and exchange and sharing. They retained a sense of individuality and yet they are so committed to working together. She needed him; he most definitely needed her!They had to move in time together and if a wrong step was made the beauty was lost. They were dependent upon each other; they exist in and through each other. And that’s a great image of prayer.


We – in all our weakness and imperfection still do our best – often wrestling with God in prayer – and he takes us by the hand, guides and leads and steers us – and makes something beautiful, living and powerful and dynamic. Somehow – through our prayers – we are drawn into the life of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It’s a reciprocal relationship. We don’t become a fourth member of the Trinity, but somehow through our prayers we become part of God’s life and purpose for the world. We become partners with Him. We interactively dwell with God, we are active agents, even though God takes the lead. Our prayers are a collaborative involvement in God’s kingdom. Our prayers somehow augment or amplify the urgings of God’s Spirit.


6 random things about me November 16, 2008

Posted by Andy in Random.

I’ve been tagged by Lucy to blog six random facts about me. It’s getting late on a Sunday evening following a busy day at church so my lethargic mind may not be able to come up with much of any great significance, but I’ll try and squeeze out the last few remnants of whatever pops into my head.

The Rules:

  1. Link to the person who tagged you.
  2. Post the rules on your blog.
  3. Write six random things about yourself.
  4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them (think I may fail at this one!)
  5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
  6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Here goes:

1. I still wear the bicycle helmet I bought when I was a teenager. It may look like a black mushroom and it’s certainly not as aero-dynamic as many today, but I’ll never forget an assembly my secondary school deputy-headteacher gave when helmets were starting to hit the shops. In it he said, “it’s better to look silly wearing a cycle helmet than have your brains gushing over a roadside kerb”. Dr.Trigg always had a way with words!

2. I have one bar left on my mobile phone as I write. Must charge it up overnight.

3. I love taking photos of family, places we visit, buildings, landscapes and then finding good frames for them. Currently there are 10 photos adorning our downstairs lounge and dining room. That’s not including another 6 or more that are on the staircase wall and a whole host of others that I’ve taken down to the church office in case our house starts to turn into an amateur art exhibition.

4. My brother used to say I looked like TV teenage doctor Dougie Howser when I was younger. Not sure if the programme is still on television or not!  

5. Talking of Dougies, I’ve ordered the debut album from Doug Walker, ‘Fear Together’ but it hasn’t been released yet. Doug was a friend from my teenage years in Frimley, Surrey, and he has just been signed to Warner Brothers record label. Excuse the shameless plug, but he really deserves wider exposure and judging from his single that has had over 30,000 plays on his myspace website and was aired on Radio 1 and 2 earlier this year, he’s set for big things. 

6. I recently spent a fun half an hour looking through some old school reports. When I was at primary school I was apparently very accomplished at needle-craft. Sorry Mrs Evans, I never progressed.

Mmmm, who shall I tag? How about Alan and Jez. That should do nicely.