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Hymns of Spurgeon October 25, 2009

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At our service tonight focussing on the life of Charles Spurgeon I closed by sharing the words of his hymn ‘Sweetly the holy hymn’ (see below), which I discovered in a 1933 Methodist Hymnal this week. I hadn’t realised that Spurgeon, most noted for his preaching, also wrote some hymns. In fact Spurgeon’s Metropolitan Tabernacle produced ‘Our Own Hymnbook’ in 1866.

Sweetly the holy hymn
Breaks on the morning air;
Before the world with smoke is dim
We meet to offer prayer.

While flowers are wet with dews,
Dew of our souls, descend:
Ere yet the sun the day renews,
O Lord, Thy Spirit send.

Upon the battlefield,
Before the fight begins,
We seek, O Lord, Thy sheltering shield,
To guard us from our sins.

Ere yet our vessel sails
Upon the stream of day
We plead, O Lord, for heavenly gales
To speed us on our way!

On the lone mountain side,
Before the morning’s light,
The Man of sorrows wept and cried,
And rose refreshed with might.

Oh, hear us then, for we
Are very weak and frail,
We make the Savior’s Name our plea,
And surely must prevail.

I had also forgotten Spurgeon’s Communion hymn.

Amidst us our Belov’d stands,

And bids us view His pierc’d hands;

Points to His wounded feet and side,

Blest emblems of the Crucified.

What food luxurious loads the board,

When at His table sits the Lord!

The wine how rich, the bread how sweet,

When Jesus deigns the guests to meet!

If now with eyes defiled and dim,

We see the signs but see not Him,

Oh, may His love the scales displace,

And bid us see Him face to face!

Our former transports we recount,

When with Him in the holy mount,

These cause our souls to thirst anew,

His marr’d but lovely face to view.  

Thou glorious Bridegroom of our hearts,

Thy present smile a heaven imparts:

Oh lift the veil, if veil there be,

Let every saint Thy beauties see!


Where did September go? October 5, 2009

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Life rattles on at quite a fast pace at the moment. September has come and gone in a flash but it was a productive month:

Loved Waste Watchers Holiday Club at church: report and photo here.

Finished reading Desmond Alexander’s interesting book ‘From Eden to New Jerusalem’: see here.

Visited the local British Legion office (in readiness for Remembrance Parade Service in local park in November) and got shown all their memorabilia.

Enjoyed taking Emilia to a local football training session led by a former Watford player, Paul Devlin.

Inspired by the stories of good citizenship at the local Police Awards Evening.

And finally… Amazed to discover that one of my friends from Primary School days, Richard Green, appeared on X Factor recently. I used to share a lift to school with him, but little did I know 20 years ago that he would one day be a national celebrity (of sorts…) See below for a good laugh: