Black Country Prodigal Son Parable

Thought it was about time to spread a ‘lil Black Country ‘spake and post a parable from ‘The Gospels in Black Country Dialect’ book. This one is truly bostin!

E tode em a parable abahrr a bloke wi tew sons, The yungist asked is fairther ter gi im is share o munny. Is fairther gid it im. The chap went tew anuther country an blewed it all in. Wen e’d got nuthin left, e went ter wairk fer a mon wot sent ‘im ter fayd pigs. E’d a bin glad t’ate the pig swill but the mon udn’t gi im enny. E felt as tho’e wus starving ter jeth an dissidid e’d rather goo back wum. E’d ask is fairther ter fergi im an be one of is sairvents. Wen is fairther sid im cummin e run aht ter mayt im an med ever such a fuss on im. E got the sairvents ter dress im up in daycent clews an shews an purr a ring on is finger. E ad a fat calf killed soo’s thay cud aye a fayst an rijiyce cus e’d fun the son e thort e’d lost. The eldest son day alf gerr izself in a paddy abahrr it. E’d bin a gud son an stopped wi is fairther. Jesus tode em that God ud fergi sinners an luv em if thay’d gi up Thayer ayvil ways. 


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