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Training continues June 26, 2010

Posted by Andy in Family.
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Next Saturday is the Black Country/Birmingham half marathon event and so today I took the opportunity to familiarise myself with the route by cycling along the canal towpath. It also gave me a good distance on the bike as the Bar-Yar cycle challenge looms large on the horizon. For regular updates on the cycle challenge visit: bar2yar.wordpress.com.

Some photos from today’s cycle trip below:

The Coseley tunnel was very dark and if it wasn't for the handrail I don't think I would've felt very safe inside! It was very cool which was a welcome break from the heat of the sun outside.

The transport networks in the Midlands are very good as this photo shows. The canal to Birmingham goes under the M5 near West Bromwich. Parallel to the canal at frequent points is a railway line and the tramline.

Lots of signposts are dotted along the canal routes. Here's one pointing to Stourbridge. I could've taken this route but this would've meant 'chickening' out of the plan to get to Brindley place in Birmingham.

Arriving in Birmingham I came across some dragon boat races outside the ICC/NIA and Sea Life Centre. A good atmosphere with sunshine and people enjoying food/drink. This is where next week’s race finishes. A dip in the water to cool down will be tempting!

Just lately I’ve been… June 21, 2010

Posted by Andy in Random.
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…eating toasted marshmallows with Shona warmed by the chimenea (as above)… wondering if the gladioli I planted in spring will ever flower… setting up a blog for the forthcoming charity cycle challenge: bar2yar.wordpress.com… accummulating plenty of leg miles as I approach the half-marathon… struggling to finish my final NAM reading book (the words ‘treacle’ and ‘wading’ come to mind)… learning to live God’s days one at a time… humming ‘how do you like your eggs in the morning’ (from Chris Evans’ Radio 2 breakfast show)… buying bike parts like oil, mudguards, lights… watching lots of World Cup games… ‘considering the ant’ as opposed to the sluggard (see Proverbs 6)… waiting for Shona to have her first kick from baby inside (happened tonight)… picking radishes but still waiting on runner-beans… writing sermons on parables of talents and unjust/dishonest steward (prefer to call him ‘rascal’!)… listening to Bon Jovi… coveting a vuvuzela… overfeeding the fish… loving the late summer evenings (only just shut curtains, it’s 10.27pm on longest day)… eating fig rolls… checking campsites for summer holiday (going to Northumbria National Park)… attending Boys Brigade trip to police station… leading a service for renewal of marriage vows… filling in my Panini World Cup sticker album which has taken me back to doing swaps in school playground (thanks to Emilia & Esther for a great Father’s Day gift)… polishing up on a magic trick involving a spoon… learning how to ‘blaspheme the money god’ (as suggested by our ‘churches together’ speaker at ‘What do Christians say about money?’ last week)… tidying the garage… nailing a ladybird/bee box to the fence… playing with the girls in the garden… struggling to find overnight accommodation in Shrewsbury… battling with Sky customer services dept (finally concluded today!)… taking eye drops for a nice reaction to something…  and organising the town centre litter pick event.

But one thing I’m not doing this summer: dressing up as Bananaman again!