Father forgive

While preparing a sermon on Christ’s words ‘Father forgive them, for they don’t know what they’re doing’ I found a most moving report from an American called David Douglas. It’s over a decade old but it powerfully describes his experience of visiting Coventry Cathedral and the implications it has for forgiveness. Report here: Coventry Cathedral’s Message of Forgiveness.

Continuing the theme, there was a good discussion on a radio programme I caught today about forgiveness. Someone quoted Archbishop Tutu who is credited with saying that forgiving someone a wrong they have committed against you ‘draws out the sting in your memory that threatens to poison your existence’. I shall have to quote him in my sermon; a helpful reminder that forgiving someone is also for your own sake as well as the perpetrator’s.


One thought on “Father forgive

  1. A lot of people really need to hear that. So many times people only forgive on the surface, but are quick to bring it up again later. Clearly the anger was still inside them. It’s unfortunate.

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