Get ready for Iona’s ‘Another Realm’

I’ve been a great admirer of the eclectic Celtic rock band Iona since my teenage years when I first heard them in a cow shed in Somerset for a few summers at New Wine/Soul Survivor events during the mid-1990s.  They were the first band I’d heard live that really captured my attention and imagination. I remember basing my GCSE Design/Communication coursework project on them (designing merchandise products!) Well, Iona are about to release their next studio album, this time a double-delight (two CDs) and if their previous albums are anything to go by this will not disappoint. In fact some samples are available to listen to on their website as they begin their latest tour. Let’s hope they choose a Midlands location in the autumn for the second leg. With song titles like ‘Ruach’, ‘White horse’, ‘Saviour’ and ‘And the angels dance’ this new offering, 93 minutes in length, promises to bring heaven to earth and capture something of God’s warm embrace.


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